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We are based in China and generally source and ship goods from China to Southern Africa.

· Minimum order quantities.
This would depend on what we can get from the manufacturers. In some instances when the quantities are small we can buy in the wholesale markets.

· Minimum order value
The larger the order the more cost effective it will be for you in terms of our costs, freight and import costs. Orders under USD10’000 start to get expensive compared to larger orders. Some small orders are still profitable especially if you are the end seller.

· Waiting period from time of order/shipping
If the product has to be manufactured it can take 30 – 60 days depending on how long the production queue is. Shipping can be from 45 days to 60 days from loading till you get your goods in Harare.

· Shipment methods
For bulky / heavy items we ship by sea. For light high value products we airfreight. The best method would be to have a container dedicated to you in which we load a wide range of goods you require. We can also do part container loads into containers we have going to Harare.

· Payment methods/charges
Usually T/T in USD from your bank to ours. Depending on what payment terms we can get, we will pass those on. Usually 30 – 50% deposit and balance on completion, before shipping. For smaller orders it is better to have one payment to save on bank costs.

· Buyer requirements
As much detailed information on what you require. Vague enquires are hard to work with.

· Guarantees or testimonials/references
Can provide references if required. We do our best to ensure everything is as per your quality requested. We don’t like to supply cheap – it always bites us. But you will not find us expensive.

· What are the costs
Costs – there are two methods we work with. 1. We work with your existing supplier and handle everything this end and check on quality. This would be around 10% FOB value depending on order size Or 2. We source what you require and provide it at the best price possible. Generally option 2 works out cheaper as being in China we can source from the factories and not just trading companies which tend to dominate the internet.

· Why should I use your services instead of going direct.
Dealing direct is always a option for you. One should take care that you know who you are working with and that they are willing to find solutions if there is a problem and not run away from it.

· What are the benefits of using your services
We have a good understanding of your market. We know that Zim is a small market and we cannot afford to get things wrong.

In a nutshell the process is


1. Send an enquiry


2. We source and advise you costs – CIF Harare


3. You pay the deposit


4. We arrange production


5. We check finished products


6. We arrange loading and shipping


7. You arrange with your inward clearing agent import duties and clearing


8. You collect your goods